Cutting with Craft ROBOTM Machines (Windows only)

The following is how to use Sure Cuts a Lot 2 with Craft ROBO type machines (including the SilhouetteTM, WishbladeTM), that use the Graphtec printer driver in Windows.

In order to cut your design, you will need to choose "Cut with CraftROBO" under the Cutter menu and you will see the following Print window. Do not use the "Print" option under the "File" menu to cut.

Select the "Graphtec" Printer (actual name might be slightly different depending on the version and type of die cutter you are using) .

Then click the Preferences button and you will see the following Printing Preferences window.

In the Basic Setup tab, choose the correct Paper Size and Design Orientation. Check the Use Carrier Sheet option and you can change the Margins to Expanded.

Next go to the Cutline Settings tab

Make sure there is a Solid Cut Line entry. There should be one by default, but if there isn't one, click the Add button to add one.

In the Cut Settings, there is a color set for the Solid Cut Line. The CraftROBO machine will only cut lines that are in that particular specified color. By default it will probably be set to a Gray color, or a Black color. In this example, it was set to a Gray color. You can click the Modify Color button to see the actual color value in RGB form. Below you can see the Red, Green, and Blue values are all set to 128. For Black it would be all zeros.

You need to make sure whatever color is set here matches the Cutline Color set in the Preferences of "Sure Cuts A Lot" under the "Cutter" tab. By default it is set to the Gray color (RGB: 128, 128, 128);

Now hit the Controller button in the Printing Preferences window to bring up the Craft ROBO Controller window.

Choose the Media Type, the Speed and Thickness according to the type of paper/media you will be cutting. Then click the Close button.

Click the OK button in the Printing Preferences window and you should see the following indicating it is ready to cut

Click OK and it should start cutting

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