You must activate in order to use the full version of the software.

The easist method to activate is to simply choose Activate in the program and enter your Name and Serial Number as shown here in the Auto Activation Steps.

If you get an error, you can use the form below to manually generate your Activation Code as shown in Manual Activation Steps.

Auto Activation Video Tutorial
Manual Activation Video Tutorial

 Please enter your full name
Serial: What is this?
  (example: 123456-123456-123456-123456-123456)
Site Code: What is this?
  (example: 123456-123456-123456-123456)

After entering in your Name, Serial, and the Site Code, click the Generate Activation Code button to create your Activation Code. Copy and paste the value back into the "Activation" dialog box in the application to activate your copy.

If you experience problems generating your Activation Code, please see our FAQ.