How to Update the Cricut Firmware

To see what firmware version you have on your Cricut machine, just turn it on and the first thing it shows on the display is the firmware version.

- Personal Cricut machines will start with 1.x
- Cricut Expression machines will start with 2.x
- Cricut Create machines will start with 1.5x

If you have a Personal Cricut with 1.0, Expression with 2.0 or Cricut Create with 1.50, you must update the firmware in order to use your Cricut with a computer.

To update the firmware, you will need to use the free trial or full version of Design Studio from and choose the Update Firmware option under the Help menu in Design Studio.

Once you choose the update firmware option, follow the onscreen instructions carefully.

Before doing the update, make sure you connect the cricut directly to the computer and not through a USB hub. You should also disable any anti-virus software you have running as it may corrupt the update process.

The following are the general steps
1. With the Cricut machine turned off, hold down the STOP button on the cricut and press the power button to turn the cricut on. After a few seconds, the Cricut should beep and the half the keys should be lit up indicating the machine is in firmware update mode. Please note you will need to keep the STOP button pressed down until the cricut beeps.

2. Start the firmware update process in Design Studio. This will take 5-10 minutes to complete. After it has finished, the Cricut will reboot itself automatically

3. At this point, Design Studio may say you need to update it again for a 2nd pass. If so, turn off the cricut and repeat steps 1 and 2 above. If it does not say to update again, your Cricut should be updated now.

4. After you have completed the update process, when you turn on the cricut it should indicate it has a newer version on it now.

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