CricutTM goes through the motions but isn't cutting

1) Make sure the blade is inserted correctly into the assembly. (The small "knife" end should be sticking out, not the cone point end.)

2) Make sure the blade depth is set at something deep enough to cut through cardstock, usually at least 4 or 5.

3) Make sure the pressure is set to high or maximum.

4) Do a visual check to see if the blade is actually extending out of the green/gold blade assembly. At blade height settings of 6, this should be about 1 mm. This may be hard to gauge, but a best guess is good enough.

5) Assembly check: If you remove and reinsert the blade can you feel it suck back inside or does it feel like the blade doesn't fit or perhaps sticks as it goes in?

6) Make sure the green/gold assembly is installed correctly into the cutting arms. (It should be inserted in the middle groove area. It can easily be inserted incorrectly at the lower groove area. When installed correctly, you will not be able to fit even you littlest finger between the blade and the bottom of the machine.)

7) Arm "Buoyancy" Test: With the power on and gently "flicking" the assembly arm, does it seem to bounce in a "boing boing" sort of way, or does it just go down and then back up? Or does it stick or rub anywhere when you push it down?

8) Once all these settings have been confirmed, try to cut a simple shape on a regular piece of paper. Not cardstock or anything thicker. Is the cut successful at all? Or does it just scratch or not leave a mark at all? If so, contact Cricut Customer Service: 1-877-727-4288 or

9) Does the arm that holds the green assembly move up and down while the machine is engaged in a cut? You should be able to physically see it "pecking" at the paper. 10) If you happen to have any additional blades, try doing this cut with them as well. We may just be dealing with a dull or defective blade.

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