Cricut Freezing

This freezing is common if it is happening once or twice every so often. There are a few tips and tricks that I can give you to keep your little "bug" from freezing more than that:

First, make sure that you are not "Hot-Swapping" the cartridges. Hot-Swapping is when you are inserting or taking cartridges out without turning off your Cricut to do so. Many who were doing this found that the machine would no longer freeze when they turned their Cricut off to change the cartridge. Also, if you power your machine on, the doors open and there is not cartridge loaded, you need to turn it off, put in the cartridge, and then turn it back on.

Second, if you give the Cricut a lot of commands at once, or commands in what it thinks is a weird order, it may freeze out of confusion. Most importantly, make sure you are pressing the Special Feature keys (the gray keys located on the left side of the keypad) before pressing the characters or letters you want to cut. For example, if you were going to cut out word "CAT" with a Shadow, you would want to press Shadow, C, A, T--not C, A, T, Shadow. Also, typing long phrases can cause the machine to freeze up. If you plan to cut a long phrase, try spacing it up between a few separate cuts.

Third, if the machine is on for an extended period of time and overheats, it may freeze. Try to give it a 5 10 minute rest every hour or so.

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