CricutTM tearing up or not cutting all the way through the paper

Possible Solution 1 - The first and easiest solution would be to increase the cut pressure. Do this with the "Pressure Dial" found on the left side of the Cricut machine.

Possible Solution 2 - The blade height may need to be adjusted, particularly if you are trying to cut through thicker stock. Refer to "Adjusting the Blade Height" in the Cricut User Guide.

Possible Solution 3 - The blade may be getting dull. The biggest key to a great cut is a sharp blade. Try replacing the blade. Refer to "Changing the Blade" in the Cricut User Guide.

Possible Solution 4 - Is the blade 'sticky' when trying to remove or insert into the blade housing? - It could be a defective blade. Try another blade to see if it is smoother.

Possible Solution 5 - The blade housing could be the problem if every blade sticks. Another blade housing should be tried.

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