The General tab has the basic settings for cutting your project

Cut Mode: where objects will cut relative to the cutting machine's origin.
Mirror H/V: Mirror the design horizontally and/or vertically.

Use software speed & pressure: If you cutting machine has the ability to have the speed and pressure controlled from software, you can enable this option. Otherwise speed and pressure will be set on the cutting machine itself.

End Action (PRO Version): the action to take after the design has finished cutting.
Cut Line Type: Show settings for the chosen cut line type
Preset: Custom settings for particular materials

Holder: Choose whether you will be using a Blade to cut or Pen to draw the design.

Blade Offset: The horizontal distance from the center of the blade holder to the tip of the blade.

Overcut: If closed shapes have a gap when cut, you can adjust the overcut to help close the gap

Multi-cut: If using thicker material, you can set the number of extra passes to cut

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