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1. Deactivating the software to move to a new computer
If you need to move the software to a new computer, you will need to deactivate the software on the current computer so you can use your license on a different computer.

2. Installation Failed Error on Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
How to install the software on OSX 10.6 if you get an installation failed error message.

3. Install eCAL on Mac OSX 10.8 and up
How to install if you get an error about the intaller coming from an unidentified developer or OSX indicating the installer is damaged.

4. Installing the USB driver for the Sizzix eclips
How to manually install the driver for the Sizzix eclips

5. How to install an unsigned driver on Windows 8
Some drivers for some cutter models are unsigned and may be a problem when trying to install on Windows 8.

6. Setup eCAL2 to cut with Sizzix eclips2


1. Blade Offset Settings
What the Blade Offset settings does.

2. How to Import Artwork with Registration Marks
Importing custom registration marks so you can print your artwork outside of SCAL for a Print2Cut

3. Using the Knockout Effect

4. Selection Tool
Some tips on how to use the selection tool in eCAL2.

5. Stencil Tool
How to use the stencil tool in eCAL2

6. Font Preview
Preview your text in different fonts in eCAL2.

7. Object On Path
Place objects on paths.

8. Shadow Layer (Contour Cut)
Adding a shadow layer around a design.

9. Group, Ungroup, Break Apart, Merge
Differences for Group, Ungroup, Break Apart, & Merge.

10. Keep Proportions
How the keep proportions setting works.

11. Type Tool
Different type tools available (horizonta, vertical, on path, on arch).

12. Weld vs Union
Example of using the Weld and Union operations

13. Hook Effect
Example of making a shape look like it is going through a hole

14. Zoom Tools
Various ways to zoom in/out

15. Property Bar
How to open multiple tabs from the Properties bar

16. Edit Tool
How to use the edit tool

17. Draw Tool
DHow to use the draw tool


1. Adobe Illustrator Plugin
Plugin to send artwork from Illustrator to eCAL.

2. Inkscape Plugin
Plugin to send artwork from Inkscape to eCAL.

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